Flat Earth Video Fundamentals Explained

your video relies on facts and science and that's what i desired. So whilst I'm able to only picture how aggravating having these bogies despatched at you is and the dirty tips they are pulling are, Also they are foremost us to you also. That's a win, because Once i move this hyperlink on to my individuals, i will be listing who not to observe also. Fantastic function!

Hi Eric I like the information you supply to us all. You confirmed me much and more than likely by no means would of imagined these kinds of such things as the stationary stars, remaining upside down about the globe design, flatness generally speaking and so far more.

A matter to the mainstream for me is - How can a spirit degree do the job almost everywhere over a ball earth or concave 1 for instance? It could't!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking through Matt's older videos on his channel It is clear that this kind of paranoid, intense, off-Placing rants are Component of his schtick as well as "flat Earth" topic is much more of an aside to his other performance pieces.  His YouTube "TheNASAChannel" is much considerably less concerned with exposing NASA or the truth of our flat Earth plus much more concerned with Matt painting on bare Ladies's bodies, ranting about random subjects like Axe Cologne / hookers on tinder, and selling his championship-standing sexual prowess.

P.S. In the event your questioning, my Cambridge marine biologist had less knowledge of Copernican concept than I did. You would think a maritime biologist would've some comprehending with regards to the earth and solar procedure wouldn't you?

I discovered this very last assert to get especially odd. i utilised to observe a volcano explode everyday After i was being in japan. this footage from hawaii appears rather straight-ahead, too.

Hence, I concur with this whole submit, including the good-natured maligning of what quantities to my psychological and mental responses to deviations inside your skills at moderation and my writing (And the way or why I title my videos - the majority of which have lower than 10 sights!) :-)

"  This was very Unusual thinking about he'd never ever contacted me or joined my Discussion board prior to now, admitted to obtaining never go through one page from the forum, and however he was presently registered and publishing on two of my sworn enemy Acenci's shill boards!

The unfounded claims only bought far more absurd as Mark commenced executing radio interviews.  All of a sudden he commenced saying that "the Moon and stars are certainly not there, They may be holographic projections," and recommending no less than at the time for each demonstrate that everyone need to pay a visit to fellow shill Crrow777's YouTube channel.  I known as Mark out on this at IFERS (of which he remains a member, but refuses to article) providing abundant proof that the Moon/stars are natural luminaries rather than holographic projections, to which he responded only once and did so not personally, but via another fellow shill, Acenci.

Thank you for the information on this website page. When I am nevertheless not certain either way I are looking into alone and viewed lots of various videos. It's funny how I stumbled on this entire flat earth theory as I was wanting to debunk statements of a colleague on the existence in the illuminati and Freemason controlling media and our perception of every little thing. You can find was, a video about flat earth and down the rabbit hole I went. It is a great deal to think about. I'm genuinely on might solution to getting certain that nasa is often a hoax.

Who talks only about FE and refuses to state a foul word about any of his "friends" regardless of the they connect with him, and who writes complete essays regarding the perceived faults of his fellow researchers? To me this is extremely telling.

Many thanks for pointing these men out, it's best to simply call these fellas out promptly in advance of they get their legs less than them and folks make an effort to "not reinvent the wheel" by simply referring to the existing shill facts rather than looking into, experimenting and publishing their own.

  I found he and his cohorts trolling each and every flat Earth channel threatening to flag their web site here videos and "report them on the NSA," and genuine to variety, when I began producing flat Earth videos he did a similar to me, saying he'd report me into the NSA Which "I would greater repent" due to the fact I used to be "living within His concave Earth" (bear in mind, he thinks he's Jesus).  Considering the fact that then I've had the "divine" honor of having "Our Lord and Savior Steven Christ" commit nearly every new video he puts out be on the topic of "debunking" and denouncing me and my perform.  Steven has also joined Acenci's shill discussion boards and like Acenci, paid for banner advertisements on IFERS (which I have no Command in excess of) promoting his "Concave Earth" Discussion board.

So what's new? We generally have this. For the remainder of us, and we know who we're. We contain the eyes to view along with the ears to listen to and almost nothing will quit us. We've been awake and we Evidently see the mechanisms of Manage and someday shortly, we will likely be The bulk, and in the future quickly, whenever they the very least assume it, we will just halt paying attention to the controllers.

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